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The Dallas Young Makers Club is a nonprofit community educational organization based in Dallas, Texas. The Club is committed to helping students age 8-18 in the Dallas area to expand their minds and skills by creating things instead of just buying things.

The club’s immediate goals are to provide a workspace, mentors and equipment along with free and regular access to these resources in a central shared workspace. The long-term goal is to help new generations of all income levels create things of their choosing with community support rather than spending their time consuming media/things created by for profit organizations or preparing for standardized tests. Two citywide Maker’s Faires will be held twice annually in December and June. Workdays will be held on the 2nd and 4th Saturdays of each month from 10:30 am to 12:30 pm at the J. Erik Jonsson Central Library.

This club is a member of the global Young Makers organization.



Build a shy autonomous robot that follows you but won’t let you get too close using LEGO and the H8/300 micro controller based on the dependable PDP-11 minicomputer from 40 years ago. You can program this robot to do all sorts of things and we’ll show you how.


Make a networked modern computer from the bare motherboard that has Minecraft, Sonic Pi, Scratch and more useful programs for free.


Make a zine, book or comic by hand with classic techniques like wintergreen image transfer, chinese calligraphy, paper marbling, instant photography and copy machines.


Dallas Young Makers Club

@ the J. Erik Jonsson Central Library

1515 Young St
Dallas, TX 75201

J. Erik Jonsson Central Library


@ the J. Erik Jonsson Central Library
1515 Young St
Dallas, TX 75201


Just click the image. It will open in a new tab. Select Print from the File menu. Print out many copies and share!


Would you like to be a Mentor or a Volunteer?

We are still seeking volunteer mentors, facilitators and sponsors. The Dallas Young Makers Club is dedicated to community supported mentorship of children on a strictly non-profit basis. We welcome all sponsors who can offer resources for the benefit of the students. However we cannot pay anyone for their labor nor will we allow commercially oriented content to creep into the workshops in any way. Our announcements reach over 60 thousand members of Dallas Independent School District and the Dallas Public Library systems along with a growing community of Makers and parents. We can feature your logo on club promotional materials and the website. If you want to work directly with the children we will ask that you fill out and pass a background screen run by the Dallas Public Library.

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